Restriction on iPhone 13 hunts badly and Apple vows to reverse action | cell phone

Restriction on iPhone 13 hunts badly and Apple vows to reverse action |  cell phone

a An apple Promise to update us Newly released iPhones to fix a fail who prevents work Face ID If it is a smartphone, then go to technical assistance and undergo a screen replacement. The restriction was found by a channel on Youtube A few days after iPhone 13 launchIn a video clip, he recorded the exchange of the original plate for a generic one. Facial recognition is disabled immediately.

After the negative reflection of the issue, Apple decided to send an update to solve this problem. The episode ignited discussions about the company’s practices, with older models also offering ways to make it difficult to replace parts, thus making unauthorized technical assistance work.

iPhone 13 may block Face ID if screen is replaced – Image: Disclosure / Apple

When changing the iPhone 13 screen, the message displayed by the phone said: “It was not possible to verify that this iPhone has an original Apple screen,” according to the material published by the channel. phone repair expert. A malfunction or complete deactivation of a function has already been recorded in other company mobile phones, including iPhone 12When changing cameras.

In the case of the iPhone 13, there is discussion about the need for a more detailed exchange, which would require in-depth expertise to include in the new component a microcontroller that came with the original screen. According to experts, this should make Face ID not have any problems at work, but it will take more time and detailed knowledge.

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In response to the US site EngadgetApple has reported that a fix for this episode will be in an upcoming software update. The company has not set a date.

with information from Engadget NS the edge

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