Resident Evil Village works on computers without a dedicated graphics card

Resident Evil Village works on computers without a dedicated graphics card

Just watch gameplay videos or try a demo Resident Evil VillageYou can already see how beautiful and detailed the game is. This might lead us to believe that you would need a very powerful computer to run well, but that doesn’t seem to be the case necessarily. During some tests, the folks at PC Gamer site were able to play it without a dedicated video card.

They used a computer with AMD’s Ryzen 5 3400G, which only has an integrated graphics card. With this device, they were able to play the title in Full HD resolution with contrast between 34 fps and 27 fps, something those who play consoles are accustomed to seeing, at least until the arrival of PS5 e Xbox X / S, it is clear.

When the team lowered the resolution to 720p, the frame rate rose really well and was between 54 fps and 43 fps overall. It is also possible to choose the option to prioritize performance, graphics, or to maintain a balance between workers for a more enjoyable experience.

Definitely Resident Evil Village It doesn’t work perfectly on that chart all the time, and as PC Gamer has found, the title crashes at even more intense moments. However, it is very surprising that most of the time it cannot run on a computer with simpler hardware.

For those who do not remember the game arrived today on the computer PS4, PS5, Xbox One And Xbox Series X / S. And you, do you intend to continue the adventure of Ethan Winters after all the horrors he has already faced Resident Evil 7? Comment below!

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Resident Evill Village for PlayStation 4 is the continuation of the popular survival horror series. Now with better graphics, experience the horror of the place where Resident Evil 7 left off.

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