Resident Evil 4 and RE Village: Fans think there are possible connections

Resident Evil 4 and RE Village: Fans think there are possible connections

remake of Resident Evil 4 It was Announced last Thursday (02)Fans have already found similarities between the game and Resident Evil Village, the latest release in this series. The community has broken down the trailer to reveal possible connections between the games.

Probably the most obvious link a netizen would have had.”kaijumediajames‘, on a Reddit forum. It had a bloodstained pattern, this one seen in the RE 4 video, and the symbol of Mother Miranda’s cult in Village – very similar.

I noticed this icon in the RE4R trailer, it looks somewhat similar to the Four Houses icon in Village. From vampire

I noticed this icon in the RE 4 trailer, and it’s similar to the Four Houses icon in Village.

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The two pictures are really similar. Since Resident Evil 4 takes place 20 years before Village (and then, before mother antagonist Miranda dies), Capcom could potentially link the two games together — especially since then The Japanese publisher was “reimagining” the story of the new version.

More links between addresses have been registered by “LegitnessOn Reddit. Compare a (possible) photo of Sadler’s opponent to one of Mother Miranda. Interestingly enough, this scene appears in the trailer right after the aforementioned cult symbol.

Sadler’s mother Miranda connection? From vampire

Connection between Sadler and Mother Miranda?

The post also notes that Plagas – the parasites that transform villagers from Resident Evil 4 – have a similar concept to Caduo – another parasite that mother Miranda uses to infect villagers, while trying to revive her daughter, in Resident Evil Village.

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He didn’t detail how Sadler knew about Plagas in the original RE 4. Hence, fans believe that the evil RE Village, who searches for parasites in Europe, was responsible.

For now, the way is to wait to see if these theories are confirmed on March 24, 2023, the date of the premiere of the new version.

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