Reporter Ananda Apple surprises viewers by revealing her age live: ‘I don’t like to say ‘old’; watch


I learned? I don’t know?! So now you know! Reporter Ananda Apple shocked viewers on Friday (13) by revealing her age live on SP1. The journalist has been talking about vaccination against Covid-19 in São Paulo, since the fourth dose was released for people aged 60-64.

Ananda gave a direct entry to the TV news show led by Alan Severiano, and said she herself had taken the new dose of the immune system. “I took it a short time ago, an hour ago, and I just had to take the shot. In other words, the least vaccinated is this 60-64-year-old audience.“, mentioned.

The spokeswoman, who is part of the group that could take the booster medication, said she was opposed to some of the words used to refer to the elderly. “And I don’t like to say “old people”, that word doesn’t suit me well. I think it’s the old, the ones who lived the longestexplained the 61-year-old journalist.

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On the Internet, netizens were surprised at Ananda’s age, as they thought she was much younger. “Oh my gosh, Ananda Apple is 61 years old. Apparently, articles about plants are replenished“One person joked.”I want exactly that treaty to preserve youthAnother Twitter user was shocked. See feedback:

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