Remember '1984', the George Orwell book that inspired 'BBB' and which Vanessa Lopez believes the show is based on | Pop art

Remember '1984', the George Orwell book that inspired 'BBB' and which Vanessa Lopez believes the show is based on |  Pop art

Vanessa Lopez in 'BBB 24' – Photo: Reproduction/Globo

Vanessa Lopez has already spoken out at least twice “BBB24” Based on the novel “1984” by British writer George Orwell. But the influencer was confused when she said that the work was influenced by the reality show, and when In fact, it was the opposite.

The dystopian story was released in 1949, 50 years before the show's first release in the Netherlands, and served as inspiration for the idea of ​​a house guarded 24 hours a day.

“The book is based on this program: 1900 and I don't know what it is. I received it from someone I was with, from Recife, who sent me the book,” the young woman said after the elimination of Lucas Pizan on Tuesday (16).

In Orwell's metaphor of totalitarianism, Big Brother is a sovereign figure in society, exercising complete surveillance and control over individuals' lives. Everyone is photographed and controlled.

The English author's critical acclaim (“1984” and “Animal Revolt”) is a constant on the fiction bestseller lists in Brazil. Orwell is the only author from the last century to be a best-seller in the country.

“1984” is more than 70 years old, but demand for it is increasing in Brazil. It is still present and “translates the global political situation,” as political scientist Marcio Goliboni assesses, to G1 in 2022.

“1984” and “Animal Farm” – Image: Reproduction

According to him, “The merit of great writers is to recognize more permanent characteristics in society.”

“Orwell wanted to warn his contemporaries about what totalitarianism would be like. But he was so precise and eloquent in this discussion that the cases he drew from there are valid to this day.”

“It is impressive to note the strength not only of the originals, but also of the public's interest in updating Orwell's works, mainly due to the strength and originality of his style,” said Emilio Fraya, editor of Compania das Letras, the publisher of the two books. Written in Brazil.

Semana Pop explains why “1984,” which Flay tore up, is so important to culture

There are three elements in “1984” that have parallels in modern society:

  • Monitor the individual
  • Information monitoring
  • Create a common enemy

“In the book, surveillance is done by cameras in houses and apartments, and monitors. There is a very strong similarity to this piece of electronic equipment that we have today. London, for example, is the city with the highest number of cameras per square meter. There is a question of law.” Online privacy, monitoring ideologies and political thought.

“He also talks about controlling information through the Ministry of Truth. There is something much less subtle, where you change the past to suit the government. But we are not very far from that. In many parts of the world there is historical revisionism and contestation of facts.”

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