Releasing 100 BRL, 200 BRL and 300 BRL via Caixa Team; See how you get it

Releasing 100 BRL, 200 BRL and 300 BRL via Caixa Team;  See how you get it

Since the application was created Square, Caixa Econômica Federal offers some features to turn it into a digital bank. The Foundation’s platform was initially created to serve as a tool to pass the benefits of government social programs, such as first aid.

A micro-line of credit will be issued to individuals in the app with values ​​ranging from R $ 100, R $ 200, and R $ 300. Caixa President, Pedro Guimaraes, says the goal is to turn Caixa Tem into an app that is useful for Brazilian citizens.

Small Entrepreneur Low-Income Individuals (MEIs) will also be able to count on larger loans of up to R $ 5,000, to be used as working capital in businesses. Microcredit has already been on the way to promising since last year, but now, it will be launched already,

Additionally, Caixa will launch a raffle campaign at Caixa Tem. Prizes for application users reach 250,000 BRL. According to the information, Caixa and Visa have come together to promote this promotion, with the aim of encouraging beneficiaries to use electronic transaction functions.

Thus, withdrawals will only be made with citizens who use the online debit card option provided by the platform.

Prize draw

  • Approximately 1,400 prepaid cards will be withdrawn with values ​​ranging from R $ 50, R $ 100 and R $ 250 each;
  • At least four monthly withdrawals of prepaid cards of R $ 10,000 each will be withdrawn;
  • Lucky numbers can also be used in the final grand prize draw, which indicate a gold certificate of R $ 250,000. Caixa suggests using this money to buy a home and popular cars.

What do you do to share?

Initially, it is necessary for interested parties to register on the Vai de Visa platform. After completing this registration, you only need to use the Caixa Tem online debit card and for every four purchases made, the beneficiary wins a lucky number to participate.

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It is worth noting that there is no maximum number of purchases. Therefore, the more you use the card, the more lucky numbers you have and the higher your chances of winning.

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