Regular physical activity can promote proactive activity – sports

Regular physical activity can promote proactive activity - sports

Digital influencer Diego Marton, a supporter of bodybuilding and amateur soccer player, is considered as one of the endless examples showing that the benefits of physical activities go beyond aesthetics.

“I started going to the gym solely for my aesthetic purpose, looking forward to losing weight, some acquaintances have had good results with weight training. But I ended up being amazed at the countless benefits I got,” he revealed.

According to researchers from Harvard Universities in the USA and Warwick in the UK, engaging in physical activities helps not only the physical condition, but also the mental, increasing enthusiasm in everyday life.

“In addition to always renewing my self-esteem, I can now really focus on my work and my performance as a professional has leaped to a much higher quality level than before,” the influencer explained.

The digital marketing specialist, on the other hand, says that when he didn’t follow his physical activity routine, he ended up performing professionally below expectations and an overwhelming desire to procrastinate.

“That’s why, whenever possible, I like to talk about this topic with other people, because just as I was touched to start doing physical activities, I also want others to exercise, and have a better quality of life,” he explained. .

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