Regime defends the use of weapons, attacks Lula, and is criticized by the BBB • DOL

Regime defends the use of weapons, attacks Lula, and is criticized by the BBB • DOL

In Big Brother Brasil, nothing escapes the cameras. All conversations and actions are recorded and broadcast live throughout Brazil.

During a conversation with Nizam on BBB 24, a political issue arose and MC Ben Laden did not agree with his colleague's words and defended President Lula.

During the dialogue, Nizam said that his house was robbed, and he stated that whoever robbed the house would not be arrested because of it. The “heterosexual”, who had already been accused of being “fake”, “manipulative” and even the target of discussions about “red flags”, i.e. alerting men to dangerous and violent behaviour, was unable to explain the relationship. He included the attack from his home with the president while he was in his third term. Furthermore, his speech was not well received by the presenter and Luigi, who come from marginal areas.

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Bin Laden disagreed with his colleague and asserted that the population was not ready to take up arms. “The regime, there, was drunk. It has nothing to do with it, my brother. It has been proven… a lot of people suffer from depression, anxiety and psychological disorder.” “This is not a country that is ready to take up arms,” he said. “Damn, this is crazy.”

Luigi agreed with the presenter and added: “Do you want to see an example? Look! The house is an example that we are not ready to carry weapons,” the carioca said.

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The singer continued to talk about the issue and defended Lula, saying that the president had greatly helped the poorest class in the country. He concluded by saying: “They will say that this is the fault of the president who helped the poor the most. I will tell you, brother. He is everyone I have to listen to here.” .

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