Reduced efficacy of the modern vaccine from 94.1% to 90% in a new US study | Serum

Moderna vaccine is 90% effective against Covid-19 and 95% effective against severe forms of the diseaseThe American company announced new results published on Tuesday (13).

The data is from Phase 3 clinical trials that included more than 30,000 people in the United States, and the number was slightly less than a previous clinical trial in December, which 94.1% saw the effectiveness.

Moderna did not explain the reason for the lack of effectiveness (And whether this is due to the emergence of new variants).

But The American biotechnology company is working on two modified versions of its vaccine, specific for variants, And he says test results on mice are “encouraging” (although I haven’t yet done the peer review).

The president of Moderna, Stephan Bansel, celebrated, “The new preclinical data on our candidate vaccines with variable quality gives us confidence in our ability to anticipate the emergence of new variants.”

In February, the company had already announced it The South African coronavirus vaccine was ready for testing in humans.

Moderna’s mRNA 1273 vaccine uses a technology called messenger RNA, Different from the traditional. The immune system should be stored at low temperatures, below -20 ° C (See more in the video below and in the infographic at the end of the text).

Which vaccine is this? modern

Moderna says it has delivered 132 million doses of the Covid-19 vaccine worldwide, 117 million of which went to the United States.

The company also said it was on track to provide Americans with an additional 100 million doses by the end of May and another 100 million by the end of June.

Messenger RNA vaccines bring a copy of a portion of the virus’s genetic code into our body. It is a kind of message, a recipe for our body to produce a protein from the virus, and the presence of this protein leads to the production of antibodies.

Time is saved that can be decisive in this life and death struggle. If the vaccinated person becomes infected, they will have an army of antibodies ready to neutralize the aura, preventing it from reproducing.

Infographic showing how the gene vaccine works – Image: Arte G1

Videos: News on vaccines against Covid-19

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