Rebel Moon is a disastrous attempt to recreate the spirit of Star Wars

Rebel Moon is a disastrous attempt to recreate the spirit of Star Wars

In the absence of dramatic development, we are left with the spasms of the director, who slows the action until it becomes narratively inconsequential, in a film that exists only to look cool in its trailer, until the bombastic ending.

If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, countless directors have turned to “Star Wars” for inspiration for their creativity. It doesn't always work. “The Dark Abyss,” “The Last Starfighter,” and “Masters of the Universe” used the same template without success.

Even the Wachowski sisters, still in the off-season of “The Matrix,” mixed in with space princesses, galactic tyrants and mutant mercenaries in the misguided “Jupiter Ascending.” They're all much better movies than “Rebel Moon.”

However, Zack Snyder believes in the power of his creativity as a pop cinema and as a producer. However, for this to change, he needed to make a real film, not a misfire, a Frankenstein of exposed parts.

“Rebel Moon” took aim at “Star Wars” and achieved, at most, something Albert Pyun would have shot for Canon on a zero budget and a lot of magic.

Director Zack Snyder on the set of Rebel Moon Image: Netflix

Zack Snyder in his biography contains such pearls of hyperbole as “Sucker Punch”, “Batman vs. Superman” and “Army of the Dead”. He achieved great success with his remake of “Madrugada dos Mortos”, and has since shown himself as an average director.

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