Raquel Pacheco, Bruna Survestinha, says the twins will be identical

Raquel Pacheco, Bruna Survestinha, says the twins will be identical

Raquel Pacheco, Bruna Survestinha, announced that the twins she was expecting would be identical. In addition to the news of her being an identical twin, she made sure to talk about the differences she feels between Ellis and Maria.

“Right now, I already feel the difference between them: one is very quiet, and moves subtly, and the other is really turbulent, and doesn’t stop. I feel the fun between somersaulting and I can no longer sleep lying on the side where it has been placed because it is bothering her and she managed to tell me!” In a post on Instagram.

Then you thank God for the entire period of pregnancy, despite the presence of some complications such as diabetic. “If there’s something I can never complain about, just say thank you, it’s the health that God gave me, but with pregnancy I admit some concerns have arisen, like having diabetes, for example. The body becomes more sensitive, so I should Being prepared for some small problems that are normal during pregnancy, as was the case with a UTI that I had for the first time in my life.”

Finally, she calms down and says she and the girls are fine and ready for the home stretch. Hormones explode worry “Tough”, but I enjoy every moment because I know I’m going to miss this stage! “, She said.

Her husband, Xico Santos, also celebrated the news on Instagram today. “Today we confirm that Ellis and Maria are identical twins!! How do you know that Ellis is Ellis and Maria is Maria? I thought about piercing the right ear of one and the other, so what about that, Rachel?”

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