Rail strike paralyzes UK – World

Rail strike paralyzes UK - World

Railway workers demand better wages and the government holds the unions accountable for the consequences.

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It was the largest train strike in the UK in 30 years, which was chaotic on the first day. The main stations were deserted and the working ones were in a pinch. Millions of British people were affected. Agency France-Press estimates that 50,000 workers are members. One in every five trains came around and helped the London Underground strike party. The effects of the strike were felt throughout England, Scotland and Wales. The strike will resume on Thursday and Saturday.Thirteen operators were affected by the shutdown, as well as the network train. Trade union structures must fight to reduce better wages, conditions and jobs.
Transport Minister Grant Shops has already blamed the unions and lamented the consequences of high school students going to exams this week, trips to the Glestonbury Music Festival over the weekend and companies losing revenue.Transportation is one of the most frustrating sectors in the UK, with teachers, doctors and lawyers threatening to shut down.

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