Rafaella Justus shows off a luxury vacation with her dad Roberto Justus

The girl, Raffaella Justos, was fascinated by her vacation offer alongside her father, businessman Roberto Justos

the girl Raffaella Justos, 11, showed off a bit of her family’s vacation. She travels with her father, businessman Roberto Justos, her stepmother, digital influencer Anna Paula Seibert, and her one-year-old sister, Vicki. Anna Paola’s sister Josiane and niece Valentina are on the trip.

The family enjoys the Caribbean beach! They are in the Dominican Republic, in Punta Cana. Raffaella Justos Show a little family place. When she offered the feast she said, “Good morning Friday! Now, I will reveal my place! Note: It is very hot.”

Then, after telling Rafinha that he was in the Dominican Republic, he toured with Anna Paola’s sister. “Josian, on our first walk of the day!” said the girl.

In addition to making the trip to enjoy your vacation, Raffaella Justos He also said that he will celebrate his 12th birthday during the trip. She turns twelve in a few days.

Anna Paula Seibert talked a little about the family vacation. We are in the Dominican Republic! Jana, on vacation, we came with my older sister’s family, and my nephews here. I disappeared today, got everything organized, put Vicky back in time, but now we’re here. We’re in a house, we rent a house so we can all be together, we love this house planner. And then we have this beach that belongs to the condominium is a condominium beach, with the Caribbean sea. People feel very hot, with temperatures not dropping below 26 degrees at dawn. The Dominican Republic is open to Brazilians, we came for a holiday to celebrate Rafa’s birthday. Where we are is a condominium, we feel very safe, I will try to show you a little.”

Launch Instagram Rafaella Justus Show Family Vacation in the Caribbean

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