Rafael Colombo feels confused on his first day at Jovem Pan and calls CNN Brasil TV News

Rafael Colombo feels confused on his first day at Jovem Pan and calls CNN Brasil TV News

Rafael Colombo made his debut in Jornal da Manhá on Monday (25) without being outdone by CNN Brasil, where he worked until August 15. On live air, he misspelled the name of the program and the news channel, citing his former company. “Sorry, it’s force of habit,” he corrected himself.

Colombo was finishing a conversation with commentator Alain Ghani at the time of the error. “Thank you, Alan, thank you very much. We continue together here on Novo Dia, on CNN Brasil,” he said, quickly realizing his mistake. “Sorry, it’s force of habit, from Jovem Pan.”

More than the anchor’s mistake, attention was drawn to the reaction of reporter Yasmin Costa, who appeared on the news screen live from Brasilia. The journalist couldn’t handle Columbo’s mistake and burst into laughter, trying to control herself when she realized he was on the air.

Jasmine Costa was shocked and laughed at the gaffe

Netizens enjoyed the journalist’s expression. One user joked: “I see my friend saying something wrong during school work.” “The reporter represented me,” Ruan Gadelha said.

“And the reporter there couldn’t hold back her laughter,” noted Gotham Wayne’s profile on the social network X, the new name for Twitter. “I found the reporter’s reaction even funnier. It has already become a meme,” Andre Saint said.

Columbo’s debut in Jornal da Manhá also featured a “passing of the baton”. Thiago Obirić, who has run the news program for the past seven years – since before the news channel debuted, in the radio version – was on hand to welcome the new presenter.

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“For me, it is a great pride to occupy from now on, at this time here, a traditional newspaper like this, with a powerful microphone like that of Jornal da Manhã, Jovem Pan, and replacing a friend, we know each other.”For more than 20 years. Thiago is a friend, a great professional and an exceptional human being. So it will be difficult to replace him,” praised the rookie.

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