Rafa Kaliman will lead “Bbate-Papo BBB” and Ana Clara will lead “A Eliminação” | TV and series

Rafa Kaliman will lead “Bbate-Papo BBB” and Ana Clara will lead “A Eliminação” |  TV and series

Rafa Kaliman will be joining the #RedeBBB team. Together with Anna Clara and Victor Rodson, the BBB and former presenter will tell all the news and comment on the main events of the house at various attractions on social networks and on the official website of the program.

Rafa will be responsible for leading the “Bbate-Papo BBB”, which, traditionally, promotes the excluded participant’s first contact with the audience. the “BBB22” for the first time in January 17 and has a presentation from Tado Schmidt.

“On the live show, the former participant watches videos setting his course, answers fan questions, and reacts to what happened while in custody. The new season’s famous “gift of the candidate” is also guaranteed in addition to, of course, first-hand accounts of everything the participant experienced in the game,” informs the production Indeed.

“I want to put myself in the position of listening to extract good reports on their experience from everyone who has been excluded. Just as I want to listen and exchange opinions with the audience. This chat is also with those in the house and I want to bring them together more and more,” says Rafa.

Rodson Victor in Parada BBB

Rodson Victor is responsible for “Parada BBB”, another #RedeBBB attraction. On the show, Rodson reflects on everything going on at home with a playful look and focuses on what’s going on on social media.

Anna Clara assumes the movie The Elimination

In addition to leading “BBB – A Eliminação” for the first time in multishow, Ana Clara will win a new show on #RedeBBB: “Fora da Casa”. Gravity will live on Gshow no GloboplayThursdays, right after the program Globo TV.

In it, Anna Clara has guests to discuss and speculate about the game, with humor and a fresh look at the recently dumped ex-sister or ex-brother.

“I am really excited! It will be my fourth season, and this time we have this new show. I am sure the audience will enjoy it a lot. I hope the audience will welcome this project with open arms and enjoy it together with the people.”

Anna Clara, Rafa Kaliman and Rodson Victor – Photo: Globo / Disclosure

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