Rafa Justus reveals that he had another surgery before the rhinoplasty: “I decided to respond immediately.”

Rafa Justus reveals that he had another surgery before the rhinoplasty: “I decided to respond immediately.”

After showcasing the results of her rhinoplasty, Rafaela Justus shared more details about her aesthetic procedure. In a story on Tuesday (19), the 14-year-old revealed that she underwent another surgery before her nose was modified.

In the last post, the daughter of Tisian Pinheiro and Roberto Justos said that she underwent reconstructive surgery to correct bone formations in the chin, jaw and jaw. According to information from Grupo Rede D'Or, the operation is indicated in cases of congenital problems, obstructive sleep apnea, facial fractures or temporomandibular disorders, but it can also be performed for aesthetic purposes.

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When a number of followers asked about her, she admitted that she had done this procedure. “I did it guys! After being asked a lot of questions, I decided to answer at once! Before rhinoplasty, I had orthognathic surgery”he wrote.

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This is not the first time that Rafa has carried out an operation of this kind. In 2012, Roberto Justos told newspaper Folha de São Paulo that his daughter had undergone surgery to correct craniofacial stenosis, a bony deformity of the skull. This rare disease, also known as synostosis, is diagnosed shortly after birth.

In February, Rafa said he underwent surgery to correct a deviated nasal septum, but used the procedure to have a rhinoplasty. She even posted a video on TikTok showing the result, but with the bandages still on. “nasal plastics”, he joked in the caption. The young woman also posted stories explaining that she will be staying away from social media during her recovery.

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In today's stories, the girl also talked about preparations for her fifteenth birthday party, which will be held in July of this year. “I would say there wouldn't be a theme, but I want something very princely, with lots of flowers, etc.”described to Internet users.

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Finally, she answered whether she would visit her sister Fabiana in the hospital. Recently, the 37-year-old influencer was hospitalized to continue her treatment for leukemia. “As much as I wanted, it was not written…but Fabi cannot receive visitors because of her immunity. If I could, I'd be there already. She knows how much I would do anything to see her happy and healthy.It is to explain.

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