Rachel Scheherazade is suing SBT and claiming R $ 30 million in damages

Rachel Scheherazade is suing SBT and claiming R $ 30 million in damages

Rachel Scheherazade has filed a lawsuit against SBT, her former employer, which can amount to R $ 30 million in compensation. The labor lawsuit has been filed with the 3rd Labor Court of Osasco, in Greater São Paulo since last month. Information from the newspaper “Extra”.

The journalist in the lawsuit alleges that it has been designated as a legal entity by the Sílvio Santos broadcaster, but has obligations inherent to the regular employee, such as overtime and shifts. To be the broadcaster of “SBT Brasil”, she received about 200,000 BRL, plus 30,000 BRL in housing assistance. Rachel was 11 years ahead of the newspaper.

She left SBT in September of last year, A month before his contract expired, soon after he criticized the president Jair Bolsonaro (Without Party-RJ) in your newspaper. Now, Rachel intends to prove in court that she has a business relationship with the broadcaster and is demanding payment of the work rights owed from the start of her contract.

Last month, Rachel’s lawyer, André Fruis de Aguilar, gave an interview to Netilinha and explained the journalist’s motives when suing her former broadcaster. “I asked in court for proof of working with SBT during the time I worked at the station and paid for work rights. We’ll wait for the regular handling of the case. (It’s) the famous business scam – Pejotização!” , He said. The first hearing of the case is scheduled for September.

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