R$6 billion of forgotten funds are still available for withdrawal

R$6 billion of forgotten funds are still available for withdrawal

More than two and a half years after the launch of the SVR system, the platform still collects approximately R$ 7.59 billion in “Forgotten” money. By individuals and legal entities from all over Brazil. This money was left by customers in banks and other financial institutions.

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This amount goes to 39,952,928 individuals, who together have more than R$6 billion to access. Another 3,102,734 legal entities (companies) can withdraw approximately R$1.55 billion.

From March 2023 to date, R$5.73 billion has been returned to holders through the central bank's SVR. The number of beneficiaries of the draws is 17,016,755 individuals, with a total of 4.21 billion Brazilian riyals, in addition to 912,024 legal entities that withdrew 1.51 billion Brazilian riyals.

Consultation and withdrawal of forgotten funds

There is only one platform for consultations and refunds Receivable value system website. To avoid scams and scams, we recommend that customers never click on suspicious links, never provide personal data to third parties or make any payment to access forgotten funds.

On the BC website, simply click on “Check if you have funds to receive” and enter your CPF number and date of birth, or your CNPJ number and date of company establishment. It is also possible to refer to the forgotten values ​​of deceased family members.

If there is an available balance, the user must click on “Access SRV” and log in with a Silver or Gold level account on the gov.br portal. After accessing the system, he has 30 minutes to perform the operation, which takes much less time.

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The ransom demand is made on the website itself and you simply enter the required data, such as your Pix key. In cases where the option of returning via PEX is not available, you must arrange the process directly with the institution.

According to the Central Bank, the deadline for depositing funds is up to 12 business days via PIX and is determined by the financial institution itself in other cases.

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