Quitéria reveals what happened to Marianinha and terrifies Venâncio · TV News

Quitéria reveals what happened to Marianinha and terrifies Venâncio · TV News

Blaise Pombal, Quitéria de Renascer, will have a very strong scene in Saturday's episode (27). She will reveal that her husband impregnated her eldest daughter, Marianinha. She will confront the housewife, Venancio (Fabio Lago), and leave him stunned with her statements. The foreman will try to deny that he raped the heiress, but she will state plainly that she always knew, but she didn't want to see what was in front of her face in Globo at nine o'clock.

Globo did not cast an actress to play Marianinha, but the story told throughout in the remake caught viewers' attention. Venâncio had already revealed that it was he who impregnated his daughter when he seemed to feel desire for Santinha (Duda Santos).

The couple will be shown travelling, about to reach Itabuna (Bachelor), and the woman will have a closed expression. He will comment that it would have been good to sell the cart and one of the donkeys before continuing his journey. She'll say she should have gone back to Ilheus, and he'll tell her to stop this nonsense.

Insensitive to the pain the mother would feel at abandoning her youngest daughter at the brothel door, he will say that the woman will forget her Santinha just as she forgot her Marianin.

“Who gives?Isser that I isquicî? Never that isquicî Marianinha and never Grandpa Squishy! I am co'chest Close both of them time Thinking of her…now in Santinha…
You I say that because On one He came out from inside sweet! And none of them came out! In fact: there is nothing good in this life!”, Quiteria will say.

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What happened to Marianinha?

They go to sleep, but Quitéria will wake up with a frown. The foreman will comment that he did not even take the bull's head so that he would not remember the life he lived. At that moment, she tells you that this will be the last time she talks about it.

He was Hey, Venancio… Oh .. you Who disgrace us fia. Who insults my life, our family. Oh .. you Shame on Marianninha. And button My trust for Being From home like misery. if On one He was You: Who was he? The cow? I didn't even say that to Santina… Marianinha left the house every day, but… You And came back for more You Home… You didn't meet anyone on the way! no one!

She feels sorry, swallows her tears and continues: “Deep down, it's always me Rise more never had courage I confessed…and Grandpa, you know, forgive me Never for that! And I think that Tara Our protection familybut me Tara It was closing Hey For the fact that good luck From my nose!”

My biggest sin was pretending In an event Nothing to Preserving our family united! And why?! Tell me, Venancio: Why?! to You Disgust of be seen My life is straçaiá...and every bit amazing Away, never again!

Renascer was written and created by author Benedito Ruy Barbosa. The first version was broadcast on the Globo channel in 1993. Bruno Leberi is the grandson of the novelist and is responsible for the adaptation of the rural saga that debuted in prime time on the 22nd. The new version will remain on the air until September of this year, if the broadcaster itchannel.idea does not change.

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