Pyong is revealed after causing a fight between Valesca and Thomaz TV News

Pyong is revealed after causing a fight between Valesca and Thomaz TV News

Byung Lee It sparked the first great discussion about island record On Wednesday’s episode (28). The hypnotist suggested a seemingly innocent joke, which he made Valesca Bobozoda We lose patience with it Thomas Costa. After bickering, it was revealed by three opponents.

Antonella AvellanedaAnd religious NS MC Negão da BL They realize that Sammy Lee’s ex-husband made a fuss about the vote, which happened the night after the prank.

The dynamic proposed by Young is called Sleeping City, and consists in the definition of “the killer”, chosen by the narrator, and the group had to figure out who the killer they chose. At this time the dispute was between Valesca and Tomaz.

Funkeira lost track after the actor insisted that one of his allies eliminate her from the game. “All the time they want me out of the start,” shouted the owner of the car, Beijinho no Ombro.

Bickering broke out in the outer area, and Larissa Manuela’s ex-boyfriend ended up giving up on the dynamic. “If you don’t know how to play, don’t come down to play,” funkeira shouted.

Hours later, in the bedroom, Beung’s Antonella, Denny, and Nyjaw soon realize that Beeong has played the game with the intention of unbalancing the spirits at home. “I really see this as manipulation,” Funkeiro vented. Confronting him, the former BBB laughed and left.

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