Putin and Schulz talk about peace talks in Ukraine | Ukraine and Russia

Putin told Shultz that progress in negotiations on ending the conflict was “mainly obstructed by Kyiv,” but Russia and Germany are continuing negotiations at various levels.

On the other hand, the leader of the German government said that he made it clear to Putin what the responsibility of the German government is Russia Facing the food crisis around the world.

Schulz also said that a cease-fire is required in Ukraine As soon as possible.

“The armistice was necessary to improve the humanitarian situation in Iraq,” he added Ukraine and allowing progress to be made in the search for a diplomatic solution to the conflict.”

According to him, the call lasted 75 minutes.

According to information received from Reuters, European and world leaders are concerned about a possible increase in food prices around the world because Ukrainian grain is not distributed to buying countries.

Because of the proximity, the Ukraine They usually sell many goods to other countries on their continent. With the Russian invasion, some cities highly productive in the agricultural sector became besieged or dominated by Russian forces.

This increases the prices of some foods on the Old Continent until a viable solution is found.

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