Put an end to annoying voicemail notifications

Put an end to annoying voicemail notifications

Notifications voice mail It is a traditional function of mobile phones that many users consider outdated and inconvenient nowadays.

While in the past, voicemail was essential for receiving important messages when we couldn't answer the phone, nowadays, with the proliferation of instant calling apps, this function has become less important.

However, the notifications persist and can be a real annoyance for many.

These notifications appear when someone leaves a message on your device P O Boxand create constant alerts that can be distracting and take up space in your notification bar.

For many, especially those who don't use voicemail, dealing with these notifications becomes a frustrating and unnecessary task.

Furthermore, the process of disabling these notifications is not always intuitive, and varies depending on the brand and model of the cell phone, as well as between different operating systems, such as Android and iOS.

How to disable voicemail notifications on Android?

  • On your device Androidopen the Settings app, usually called Configuration or Settings.
  • Under Settings, select the Applications or Applications option. This list lists all the applications installed on your device.

The first step is to enter Android settings – Image: Mariana Tralback/TechTudo/Reproduction

  • Scroll down the list of apps until you find the Phone app. This application is already installed on the device natively.
  • Click on the phone app to open the settings for that app.
  • Under Phone app settings, select the option Notifications.

  • Find the Voicemail section and tap on it.
  • Under Show notifications, turn off the switch to stop receiving voicemail notifications.
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Under Notifications, find “Voicemail” and uncheck the notifications – Image: Mariana Tralback/TechTudo/Reproduction

How to turn off voicemail notifications on iPhone

  • Open settings: Go to the Settings app.
  • Choose phone: Click on the phone option.

Access your iPhone and phone settings – Image: Mariana Tralback/TechTudo/Reproduction

  • Tap on notifications: Access the notifications option.
  • Disable warnings: Turn off the Notifications switch to stop receiving voicemail notifications.

Go to Notifications and disable mail warnings – Image: Mariana Tralback/TechTudo/Reproduction

But why do voicemail notifications appear?

to Notifications Voicemail messages appear when you receive a missed call and the caller leaves a message.

This may happen if your cell phone is turned off, outside the coverage area, or if you reject the call.

There are several factors that may prevent notifications from being removed:

  • Reset cell phone: Notifications may appear again after restarting your phone.
  • Settings: Some settings may prevent notifications from being removed.

Is it possible to disable voicemail?

Yes, you can disable voicemail by contacting your carrier. Heres how to do it:


  • phone: Call *555.
  • short message: Send a text message to 552.


  • phone: Call *555.
  • short message: Send EXIT to 5550 (shared plan) or 5557 (premium plan).


  • phone: Call *144.

In addition, many operators offer the option to disable voicemail through their official apps available on the App Store and Google Play Store.

By following these steps you will be able to get rid of them Annoying notifications Voicemail and even disable the service if you wish.

*With information from Tecnoblog and TechTudo.

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