“Pushed Me” · TV news

"Pushed Me" · TV news

Lee Martins Accused Marcia Felipe From tê-la empurrado no Brassiere Power Couple 5. Former Rouge stated that the situation happened when she tried to hug the Foro singer who was returning from Valsa D. This Thursday (13). The woman said of GB Mantovani.

In conversation with Fernanda MedradoAnd the MC Merrilla e Mary Matarazzo, The singer simulated the push she was going to take from Rod Balla’s partner. “[Ela empurrou] That strong? “Asked Medrado.” I turned around and was like [sem entender]. I was instantly satisfied, I was going to say why can’t I congratulate you? It’s a matter of education, “the artist complained.

Despite Rouge’s previous accusation, on PlayPlus, Record’s streaming platform, it was not possible to confirm the payment that actually occurred.

Márcia came back from the fake DR and even won a survival test that saved her from going straight into the danger zone the following week next to her husband. Thiago Bertoldo and Georgia Frolich were also rescued. Pimpolho and Bibi Paolillo took the worst in dynamics.

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