Protesters in London are calling for the UK to return to the EU

Protesters in London are calling for the UK to return to the EU

Dressed in blue, protesters said Brexit was “a big mistake”; The country left the camp in 2020

Demonstrators demonstrate against the United Kingdom’s departure from the European Union (EU) this Saturday (September 23, 2023). Participants of the 2nd edition of the NRM (National Reentry March) gathered in Hyde Park and marched through the streets of London, the capital of England, to Westminster Square in front of the British Parliament. For the group, there was Brexit “A big mistake”.

Organizers estimated that around 3,000 people gathered at the event. The group was dressed in blue, the representative color of the European bloc, with EU flags and several posters calling for repatriation. People from other European countries also participated in the event.

The United Kingdom left the bloc on January 31, 2020, after a 2016 poll showed that 52% of Britons wanted to leave the European Union. Despite the referendum, the transition process was tumultuous, with 3 agreements rejected and 2 prime ministers leaving. oh Shakti360 This report explains the process.

NRM leader and founder Peter Carr said he decided to organize the march “Everybody seemed to give up.” The reason He also said that England had left “A Big Mistake”Especially for working class and poor people. “We paid for this and we have to do something about it”announced the truck driver.

Seira Sargent, one of the speakers at the rally in Parliament Square, said she was 14 when the country’s membership referendum was debated in 2016. So, most of your colleagues “They never had a chance to make their voices heard.”

Co-Chair of the Green Group, a European political group, and Member of the European Parliament for Germany. Terry ReintkeHe declared that Europeans saw events like the National Return March “very friendly”.

She also informed “England has managed to create one of the largest pro-European movements in all of Europe”. According to her, it is possible “I feel there are millions of people in the UK who want to rejoin the EU”. Finally, Reintke said “The door is open” If the United Kingdom wants to return to the EU.

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