Project requires advertising of strabismus surgery through SUS – News

Project requires advertising of strabismus surgery through SUS – News

01/30/2024 – 09:21

Pablo Valladares/House of Representatives

Roberto Duarte wants to ensure extensive knowledge of the surgery offered by SUS

Bill No. 5354/23, under analysis in the House of Representatives, obliges health units across the country to disclose information about strabismus surgery performed by the Unified Health System (SUS).

Strabismus, “strabismus” or “crooked eye” is a defect in the eye muscles that causes the eyes to not be parallel but to point in different directions.

The text stipulates that posters, banners or other promotional tools be placed in the health unit, in a place visible to the public. They must be informed:

  • Places where surgery can be performed;
  • Places offering preparatory ophthalmology consultations; And the
  • Maximum time between consultation and surgery.

The project sets maximum deadlines of 15 days and 60 days, respectively, for consultation and surgery.

“The disease causes headaches, neck stiffness and, in some cases, double vision, not to mention its impact on appearance, causing trauma, especially in adolescents,” notes the author of the project, Rep. Roberto Duarte (Republicanos-AC).

“SUS is already promoting surgery, and what we need to do is ensure broad knowledge for everyone, as well as set deadlines for surgery,” Duarte adds.

He treats
The proposal will be analyzed in Conclusive character, by health committees; and Constitution, Justice and Citizenship (CCJ).

Report – Murilo Souza
Montage – Rodrigo Bitar

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