Procergs rebuilds data center and government computer systems are back up and running on Monday (27)

Procergs rebuilds data center and government computer systems are back up and running on Monday (27)

This Saturday (5/25), the state government began the process of reactivating the Procergs data center, which was preventively closed on May 6 due to floods that hit the company's headquarters in the central area of ​​Porto Alegre. With the completion of the reconnection work, which will continue until Sunday, the country's systems that were still offline will become available again on Monday (27/5).

Coordinated by the Secretariat for Planning, Governance and Management (SPGG), the various work fronts that allowed the recovery process to begin included the assembly of large replacement electrical structures, with three large generators (2,200 kW), nine tons of cables and a new UPS system with 13 tons of equipment, all installed in An environment six meters above the ground.

The process took place in stages, starting with activating the building's electrical supply and ending with rebuilding all systems, without affecting the database.

Reclosing process

The reconnection process is extensive and complex and consists of several stages, divided into three large groups: reconnection of electrical and thermal infrastructure, reconnection of electronic infrastructure (composed of more than 4 thousand elements) and, finally, reactivation of the systems and services themselves.

The work teams involved in revitalizing the electrical and thermal infrastructure, consisting of about 50 specialists, including electrical engineers and technicians, worked through the night and restored power on Saturday.

The second stage is reconnecting the ICT equipment, the data center itself, which consists of more than 4,000 components, and it is an ongoing process. Then, with the full infrastructure in place, more than 600 specialists, divided into six teams, will begin reactivating all systems and services that may not yet be online.

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Most of the core services remained active, in parallel infrastructures, such as the disaster recovery environment in Procergs (the second data center) or in the cloud.

Procergs manages more than 900 systems, which perform the most diverse functions in various areas of public administration.

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