Priscilla responds to the accusations of being “perverted”: “Complete”

Priscilla responds to the accusations of being “perverted”: “Complete”

Priscilla Alcantara, now just Priscilla, marks her transition from the world of gospel to the world of pop, marked by a marked aesthetic change. With her short, vibrant hair, the 27-year-old highlights the importance of aesthetics in representing a new phase. His new single “Quer Dance” in partnership with Bonde do Tigrao marks a break from his previous Christian pop albums.

Influenced by pop divas such as Beyoncé, Yvette Sangallo and Lady Gaga, Priscilla explores her desire to migrate to the pop scene, realizing the maturity she has achieved and the need to start a new cycle in her career.


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Despite criticism from some evangelical fans, she maintains her faith as an essential part of her life, stressing that change does not conflict with her religious convictions. “I’m still a person of faith. My faith is central to my life, and it’s been very mature and evolving. And that faith doesn’t conflict with what I do professionally, quite the opposite. So I’m in a place that’s completely in tune with what I do, with my faith, and with who I am.” “It is today and I will always be that way.” Marie Claire.

Priscilla faces the challenge of this new phase with confidence and patience, expressing the importance of being faithful to one’s ideas and persevering on the chosen path. She understands the need for consistency and patience to anticipate results and ensure the journey is enjoyable.

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