Prisa wakes up, removes the spell mask, and humiliates the snake at Travisia TV News

Prisa wakes up, removes the spell mask, and humiliates the snake at Travisia TV News

quarrel between breeze (Lucy Alves) and Nubia (Dreca Moraes) will win another chapter in the Transit. Ari’s mom (Chai Suede) is going to make an appointment with Rose (Alen Ulbrich) to get her manicures done, but without realizing that the girl has already found out that the vixen is scouting her through her friend’s manicure. When she encounters the Eagle, Brisa will release dogs at her.

in The scene is scheduled to air in the next 17 chapter From Globo’s 9 o’clock series, Rose will make an appointment with a woman whose name she will say is Maria Nubia. The character of Lucy Alves will already be suspicious that she is another one of the preepada of the mother-in-law and will go with her friend to do the service, to take the test.

When Nubia opens the door to Ari’s apartment, Prisa appears and soon begins blasting her ex-mother-in-law. “Pretty lady, isn’t it?
Pretending to be someone who doesn’t gossip about my life,” Will accuses.

“Not your life, my son’s life, he’s the only one I care about! My son, not you. And don’t pretend you’re misunderstood, no, you know very well what you’re doing with Ari … his whole life,” the woman said. The heroine of the plot will give a moral lesson to the vixen.

I’ll just tell you: You can stop sending me messages for Tonho’s sake, We see? And tell your son No more whacking around the house after Oto, no, because Otto has already said that he has nothing to talk to him about! He will warn.

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“I have already sent my message, I am going, it even bothers me to step inside this house and
Look at the lady! The protagonist asks will you stay, Rose? Nabia will insist that the manicurist stay, and the girl will then leave.

transit is a Novel written by Gloria Perez. The plot has the artistic direction of Mauro Mendonca Filho and is set in Rio de Janeiro and Maranhão. Projections indicate that the series will be on the air until April.

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