“Pretend you’re a nice guy.”

“Pretend you’re a nice guy.”


Lexa’s husband recorded some situations that upset him and even revealed his voting choices

BBB 23: MC Guimê assesses a brother’s pose: “Pretending to be cute.” Photo: Gshow reproduction.

Singer MC Guimê seems to have an antenna attached to all the moves inside BBB 23 (TV Globo) and never misses an opportunity to analyze his opponents. In conversation, Thursday afternoon (26), With Gabriel Tavares and Bruna Griphao, the singer hung out on Gustavo Benedeti and the brother ended up being the center of the chat.

The artist talked about the situation of the colleague in prison. For Jimmy, Gustavo “Pretend you’re a nice guy.” To gain people’s trust and thus extract information from other participants: “The cowboy is playing, he’s a player, he’s pretending to be a good guy. He may be a good guy down the street, but here he’s using it to his advantage.”They shot the funk singer.

To back up his analyses, Lexa’s husband points out some of the businessman’s attitudes that bother him: “He’s sticking to Fred, he’s sticking to Sabato, who manages to get more info. Whatever little bit of info he already has works for him… I don’t see this guy as a very good person, just hit the point, no!”the singer vented in conversation with colleagues.

Listening intently to the ally’s words, Gabriel Tavares not only agreed with Guime, but also stated that he did not trust the cowboy. The singer talked about his voting choices so as not to leave his game analysis incomplete: “Domitilla. If you do not have Gabriel Santana, to change the game,” he justified.

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