President Joe Biden signs a trillion dollar infrastructure package

President Joe Biden Signed the law on Monday (15) with a bipartisan package Infrastructure $1.2 trillion and scored its biggest legislative victory yet at a White House event with lawmakers from both parties.

The legislation will generate $550 billion in new federal investment in infrastructure for United State More than five years, including funds for roads, bridges, public transport, railways, airports, ports and waterways.

The package includes an investment of $65 billion in improving the country’s broadband infrastructure and an investment of tens of billions of dollars in improving the power grid and water systems. Another 7.5 billion US dollars should be allocated to build a nationwide network of chargers electric car With the plugin, as per the invoice text.

The bill, which the Senate first approved by a vote of 69-30 in August, was finally approved by the Chamber, by a vote of 13 Republican deputies, on November 5.

Congress returned to Washington on Monday after a week-long recess to address a number of critical issues ahead of the holiday season, including passing Biden’s broader economic and climate agenda, earlier government funding. The December 3 deadline and debt limit increase.

The ceremony comes as Biden faces a drop in polling numbers ahead of next year’s midterm elections after a heavy defeat for Democrats in Virginia’s elections advance this month.

Dissatisfaction with the pandemic and the resulting economic problems – including record inflation – are contributing to Biden’s waning popularity. A new ABC-Washington Post poll, published over the weekend, puts the president’s approval rating at 41 percent and disapproval at 53 percent.

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The signing ceremony was a rare bipartisan gathering, attended by local and state officials from both ideological sides.

Republican Senators Lisa Murkowski, Susan Collins, Rob Portman and Bill Cassidy were among those in attendance. Moderate Democratic Senator Joe Manchin, a major stumbling block in the ongoing negotiations over Biden’s agenda to rebuild better, was also due to be there, as were Republican representatives Don Young of Alaska and Tom Reed of New York.

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, who voted for the bill, said last week that he had no plans to attend.

A White House aide, including GOP Governor Larry Hogan of Maryland, who Biden highlighted last week’s package measures in Baltimore, and Democratic Governors Kate Brown of Oregon and John Bel Edwards said. Louisiana and the mayors of Oklahoma City, Columbia, Long Beach and Chicago.

Representatives from key economic sectors will also attend, including leaders from United Airlines, Ford, the American Chamber of Commerce and other groups. The unions will also be present.

David Holt, mayor of Oklahoma City, a Republican, told CNN The project will provide funding for roads and bridges in your city.

“This is a day of celebration for mayors. We’ve struggled for nearly a decade to make this huge investment in our country’s infrastructure. So I’m glad that Congress and the White House have been able to work together to finally accomplish this feat. It means a lot for the roads, bridges, and infrastructure Water infrastructure, broadband, trains, transit, all the things that make up basic infrastructure, and cities like mine really need help,” said Holt.

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Also in attendance was former New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu, who has been appointed as Senior Counsel and will oversee coordinating project implementation on behalf of the White House.

The White House said Landrieu “will oversee the most important far-reaching investments in American infrastructure in generations — work that independent experts have found will create millions of well-paid union jobs while increasing our economic competitiveness around the world, strengthening our supply chains and tackling inflation in the long run.”

Senior government officials, as well as the president, said it will take some time for Americans to see and feel the results of the bill’s investments.

“They will probably see the effects of the bill starting in the next two or three months,” Biden told reporters after the law was approved, adding that it “will have a profound impact over time.”

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