Premier League to follow amid new UK lockdown

Premier League to follow amid new UK lockdown

British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, said today, that the English Premier League will not be disrupted amid the new full lock tax in the state Due to the increase in cases of COVID-19.

The government and top hats believe that the protocol adopted at the start of the tournament, after the first wave of the pandemic, will be sufficient to control the spread of the virus among athletes and technical committees. The league is expected to remain without an audience until at least 2021.

The new Premier League season, as the tournament is called, began on September 12 and is now in its seventh round. Liverpool leads the title holder with 16 points and today they beat West Ham 2-1.

In an interview with the press when the measures were announced, Johnson gave a positive signal when asked about maintaining the football calendar. “Yes to the Premier League,” the parliamentarian said.

“The changes mean people should work from home wherever possible,” Oliver Dowden, Minister of Digital, Culture, Media and Sport, announced on Twitter.

“But where this is not possible, it will be allowed to go to the workplace, for example, in elite closed-door sports, film production, television and communications,” the minister wrote.

Preserving the Premier League was already taken for granted by Richard Masters, its chief executive, who two weeks ago showed confidence in the continuity of the calendar even in the event of an eventual shutdown. “We are in constant dialogue with the government about all aspects of the cooperation that we have with it. We do not feel that the closed gates model is in danger at the moment. We have proven that the model has worked and we are happy, as is the government,” he said, in comments quoted by “The Independent” newspaper. “.

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If elite football remains the same, the same cannot be said of the lower divisions, whose clubs have suffered the most from the absence of the public. There was an expectation that fans would return to the stadiums this year, a reality that now seems remote.

The country recorded 21,915 new cases in the past 24 hours, becoming the ninth in the world to exceed one million cases (1011,660 cases, according to the BBC).

As the epidemic intensified in the kingdom, the government adopted restrictive measures, such as closing non-essential activities, such as bars and restaurants. Residents will be directed to work from home, but specific rules must be defined for each occupational category in the coming days.

However, schools and universities will remain open. The new closure begins next Thursday and lasts until at least December 2nd.

The epidemic has left more than 46,000 dead in the country. This confinement is less restrictive than it was in March and April, but Prime Minister Boris Johnson said it was not a measure he would like to take. The UK is following the lead of other European countries, which have resumed restricting internal movement after noticing an increase in cases and deaths from the virus.

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