Pregnant Barbara Evans reveals how many nannies her children will have

Pregnant Barbara Evans reveals how many nannies her children will have

Barbara Evans He was in the final stage of carrying the twins and revealed details about how he took care of the boys and their mother Ayla, 1 year. The mother decided to open the question box to answer fans’ questions, and was asked how many nannies the three heirs will have.

How many nannies will the boys have? they asked. Barbara quickly replied: “Of course yes. During the day there will be a nanny for each of them. One for Ayla, one for Alvaro and one for Antonio. And during the night there will be two nannies for the three of them.”

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In addition to childcare, barbaric He also talked about how the last stage of pregnancy went, and revealed what his night’s sleep was like. “Some days I can sleep well, other days I can’t sleep as much. I often wake up to go to the bathroom, and I have bad reflux during the night.” He said.

It is worth highlighting this Evans On Friday 10/27, she completed 30 weeks of pregnancy, and for her this is a victory.

“Today is a very emotional day for me! In fact, every passing day is a victory. I have felt so much pain, but the love is so great that they have become little ones next to my children. I create strength where there is.” rock.

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