Power Couple 2022 poll surprises with a double rejection

Power Couple 2022 poll surprises with a double rejection

DR II result of Brazil Power Couple 6 It will be announced on Thursday (19). Denny and Erica Dias share audience disapproval with Ruggiero Silva and Claudia Baronesa, according to reconnaissance the news. Couples fight for the hot seat against Brenda Paixaw and Matthews Sampaio – on the reality show on Record, the audience needs to vote for who should stay home.

In the poll portion, which has more than 15,000 votes as of the date this text was updated, Ruggiero and Baronesa will remain with 28.0% of the vote; Erica and Denny are in a very similar situation, with 28.80% of the audience favoring it. Matthews and Brenda are the favorite couple to follow, with 43.20% of the total votes.

The result is similar to a UOL poll, which received more than three thousand votes. For the 38.79% of Gateway voters, who must remain in the fight for a prize of R$1m from the record’s reality, are the Brincando com Fogo couple, while the other couple seem to be technically related: MC’s parents 30.92% of the vote remained And the former player and his wife by 30.29%.

The surveys, which are not scientific in nature, only depict a sentiment on the part of Power Couple viewers, who vote on the official Record website. Eliminations take place live in today’s program (19), starting at 22:45.

Participate in the Power Couple Brasil survey and choose who to save in the second DR of Record couples reality show. The result has no scientific value or influence on the official website of Power Couple Brasil 6.

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