Post-credits scenes for “The Marvels” [SPOILERS]

Post-credits scenes for “The Marvels” [SPOILERS]

Post-credits scenes are already a tradition in American films. marvelbeing a resource used since “Iron Man(2008) to create continuity and connections in the MCU.

In the video below, with spoilers, Renato Maravone reveals what happens at the end of “The Marvels” and what post-credits scene changes Marvel’s entire future.

He watches:

president Marvel Studios, Kevin FeigeHe spoke about the importance of these scenes, saying:

“The truth is, every post-credits scene is never about teasing the future. There are scenes where the characters are eating shawarma, and Captain America says you know you need to learn patience. Sometimes, you know, you’re waiting for something that’s not worth it. The fun is staying there.” And waiting for the surprise.”

Wonders“Now showing in national cinemas.

Carol Danvers, also known as Captain Marvel, regained her identity from the tyrant Chris and took revenge on the Supreme Intelligence. But the consequences lead Carol to bear the burden of an unstable universe.

When her duties send her into an anomalous wormhole linked to the Kree Rebellion, her powers are mixed with those of Kamala Khan, her staunch admirer in Jersey City (Iman Villani), also known as Ms. Marvel, and Carol’s estranged niece, Captain Monica Rambeau (Teyonah parris). Together, this unlikely trio must come together and learn to work together to save the universe.Wonders‘.

Don’t forget to watch:

Wonders‘He has a direction Nia DaCosta (“The Legend of the Candyman”).

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