Portugal records the first day without Covid deaths since August | The National Gazette

Portugal has not recorded any deaths due to the Corona virus in the past 24 hours. This is the second time that Portugal has not recorded any deaths due to Covid in one day since the beginning of the epidemic. But the last time was in 2020, on August 2nd. Since then, the numbers of cases and deaths have risen dramatically in the winter, forcing the government to impose a severe lockdown.

It was way too long for zero daily death tolls. The country recorded 303 deaths in late January, shortly after a rebirth began. In February, the Portuguese saw a sharp drop in numbers, and only in the second half of March did the government initiate a gradual reopening plan. The incidence of Covid in the country today stands at 70 cases per 100,000 inhabitants.

Imprisonment and vaccination were the authorities’ strategy for Portugal to reach this low number of cases and daily deaths from Covid. With this scenario, the country is now preparing to enter the final stage of the disengagement plan.

Within a week, the trade and fitness centers may return to normal, albeit with space restrictions. Large outdoor events will also be launched, weddings and christenings can be celebrated at 50% capacity.

Portugal reopening plan is evaluated every 15 days. If the number of cases increases, the government may again take some restrictive measures to control the epidemic.

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