Pope: Let us not live a half-hearted faith, let us be merciful

Pope: Let us not live a half-hearted faith, let us be merciful

In his Epistle, Francis said: “Indeed, if love ends in ourselves, faith evaporates into sterile intimacy. Without others, it materializes. Without works of mercy, he dies. Let us perform peace, forgiveness, and the wounds of the merciful Jesus.” Sermon.

Mariangela Jagoraba – Vatican News

Pope Francis presided over the Eucharistic celebration on the second Sunday of Easter (4/11), Sunday of the Divine Mercy, in the Church of Santo Espírito, in Sacia, the Shrine of the Divine Mercy, near the Vatican, in accordance with the anti-COVID-19 rules.

“The Risen Jesus appeared to the disciples several times; with patience, relaxing their frustrated hearts. Thus, after his resurrection, he performs the“ resurrection of the disciples ”; Jesus raised them, and they changed their lives. Countless words and many examples of the Lord failed to change; but now, in Easter, something new happens; it is happening under the sign of mercy: Jesus raises them mercifully; they, who receive mercy, become merciful, “he said. Francisco In his sermon.

According to the Pope, the disciples are mercy Three gifts: Jesus offers them Buzz Then Soul And finally, Chagas.

Peace of heart

First of all, give them peace. “The disciples were upset. They locked themselves in the house afraid, afraid that they would be caught and end up like a master. But they did not just lock in the house; they also closed in their remorse: they deserted Jesus and disowned him; I felt helpless, useless, Shamed.Jesus came and repeated twice: “Peace be upon you!”, The Pope said, adding:

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It does not bring peace that eliminates problems from the outside, but it brings peace that instills confidence within. Not an external peace, but peace of the heart. These frustrated disciples regain peace with themselves. It is the peace of Jesus that generates the message. Neither calm nor comfort. It is out of yourself. The peace of Jesus frees from paralyzing closures, breaks the chains that imprison the heart. The disciples are filled with mercy: they feel that God does not judge or humiliate them, but rather believes in them.

Forgiveness by the Holy Spirit

Second, Jesus shows mercy to his disciples by offering them the Holy Spirit. Give them the remission of sins. “We are always before us our sins. On our own, we cannot abolish them. God alone eliminates them; only He, with His mercy, draws us out of our deepest misery. Like these disciples, we need to allow ourselves to forgive. Forgiveness in.” The Holy Spirit is a feast gift. Easter to be held from within. “

Let us ask for the grace to welcome him and embrace the mystery of forgiveness. In order to understand that we are at the core of confession we are not with our sins, but God with His mercy. We do not admit that we are depressed, but rather let us rise. We all need it. We fall a lot and the father’s hand is ready to lift us and make us walk. This secure and trusted hand is recognition. It is the secret that raises us, does not let us lie, and weep on the floor of our waterfalls. It is the mystery of the resurrection, and it is pure mercy. He who receives the confessions must feel the sweetness of mercy.

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Surgeons have mercy on our misery

After the peace that he rehabilitated and the forgiveness he gives, this is the third gift with which Jesus shows mercy to his disciples: He displays their wounds.

Al-Jarrah open channels between us and him, who have mercy on our misery. These are the ways God has patented for us to enter into His tenderness, touch His hand who is He, and stop doubting His mercy. Adoration, kissing their wounds, we discover that every point of our weakness is welcomed in her tenderness. Everything is born of grace to obtain mercy. On the contrary, if we rely on our capabilities and the efficiency of our structures and projects, we will not go far. Only if we accept God’s love will we be able to give something new to the world.

Let us be merciful

After the disciples had mercy, they became merciful. How did you manage to change like this? “They saw in the other the same compassion that changed their lives. They discovered that they shared the message, forgiveness and the body of Jesus: the sharing of earthly good things appeared to them as a natural result. Their fears faded when they touched. The Pope said that the wounds of the Lord now are not afraid to heal the wounds of the needy, because they see Jesus there, Because Jesus exists. “

Let us not live half-faith, he receives and does not give, accepts the gift but does not become a gift. Have mercy on us, let us be merciful. Indeed, if love ends in ourselves, faith evaporates into sterile intimacy. Without others, you are without a body. Without works of mercy he dies. Let us perform peace, forgiveness, and the wounds of the merciful Jesus. And let us ask for grace to become witnesses of mercy. Only in this way is faith alive. And a united life. Only in this way do we announce the gospel of God, which is the gospel of mercy. “

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Compassionate Merciful

At the end of the Mass, Pope Francis said Queen Quelly He thanked everyone who cooperated to prepare it and broadcast it live. Everyone who participated in the celebration also saluted through the media. Then he added:

I greet you in a special way all those present here at the Church of the Holy Spirit in Sasia, the Shrine of Divine Mercy: ordinary believers, nurses, internees, the handicapped, refugees and immigrants, hospitable sisters of divine mercy, and civil defense volunteers. You represent some of the truths in which compassion becomes tangible, and it becomes closeness, service, and attention to people in difficulty. May you always feel mercy, so that you, too, may be merciful.

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