Pope Francis attacks the former aide to Benedict XVI

Pope Francis attacks the former aide to Benedict XVI

In a book scheduled to be published on Wednesday (3), Pope Francis responds to criticism of the management of the funerals of Pope Emeritus Benedict

In the work with the original title in Spanish “El Sucesor – Mis recuerdos de Benedicto XVI” (“The Successor – My Memories of Benedict

“That on the day of the funeral a book was published that turned me upside down, and told me things that were not true, is very sad. Of course, it does not affect me, in the sense that it does not condition me.

But it hurts me Pinto was used. “The book came out on the day of the funeral, and I felt it was a lack of nobility and humanity.”

The former acolyte released the work “Nient'altro che la verità – La mia vita al fianco di Benedetto Against the current Pope.

Appointed pope in 2005, succeeding Pope John Paul II, Benedict XVI ruled the Catholic Church until early 2013, when he became the first pope to resign in nearly 600 years.

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