Popcorn competes in the first immunity test

Popcorn competes in the first immunity test

first clue toBBB 22″ (TV Globo) is taking place today, and you must determine which (or which) participant will be immune to this year’s first wall. The announcer predicted that the challenge would only be for the popcorn group.

The group is made up of “anonymous” or less well-known influencers, consisting of Slovenia, Eliezer, Giselan, Vinicius, Lucas, Luciano, Natalia, Rodrygo, Barbara and Lais. Cab Maria, Bruna, Thiago, Paulo, Pedro, Niara and Douglas should be excluded from the match.

The race scheduled for tonight is sponsored by Americana, as revealed at the Bonino booth on Twitter. “To warm up the game, Americana will give us a helping hand today!” said the stationmaster.

The split between the popcorn and the cabin already occurred at the time of entry: the unknown visited the house in the morning, while the famous arrived only at night.

The decision made the public speculate on the plight of the second group. Some have speculated that Camarrot will undergo a second test after entering the three participants who contracted the Covid-19 virus: Arthur Aguiar, Jade Bacon and Lin da Quebrada.

The hypothesis was also raised that the trio would enter already immune, to compensate for the shorter time they would have to conquer the audience.

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