Police investigate Germany who created his own vaccine against Covid – News

Winfried Stoecker, the 74-year-old German billionaire who developed his own vaccine against him COVID-19, he stated that he is abandoning the application of the immunizing agent called LubecaVax.

Authorities are investigating Stoecker after allegations that he gave the alleged vaccine to more than 100 people at Lübeck Airport in northern Germany on Saturday (27).

And according to the British newspaper, the Daily Mirror, the German is a scientist and businessman who was teaching at a university in Wuhan, China, where the first cases of Covid-19 were suspected in the world. Then he started producing and distributing his own vaccine, but now he’s backtracking and says he wants to stop his activities.

“I do not want to urge anyone to postpone the vaccination that is currently required and for this reason I will be suspending my activities until the end of this state of emergency in Germany,” said Stoecker.

Due to the catastrophic developments associated with the epidemic in Europe and the emergence of the Ômicron variant, he has now changed his mind and believes that giving vaccines provided by health authorities is ideal.

The businessman said that although the vaccine has not been approved, making it illegal, the immunizing agent has been applied to about 20,000 people so far, with 2,000 under constant surveillance. No side effects were observed.

Three other men, whose identities have not been revealed, are also being investigated by the Public Prosecution Office in Lübeck because of the vaccination event that took place at the airport.

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