Polar App and Health Partner LiveWell – Sports

Polar App and Health Partner LiveWell - Sports

To offer another tool to support healthy living, Polar, a global leader in heart rate technology, and the Swiss insurer’s LiveWell app in Zurich, have entered into a global partnership. Among the main markets are Brazil, Spain, Italy and the United Kingdom.

Bringing the functionality of the apps together aims to provide inspiration to help build healthy habits for the long term, with innovative programmes, challenges and rewards to inspire users of both brands and help them better understand their health.

“The global partnership between Polar and LiveWell unites our products and the Zurich App with a common goal: to make our users better around the world. With this move, we have been able to offer another tool to overcome daily goals and achieve a healthy lifestyle, offering a unique and special experience tailored to our athletes”, As Andre Bandera, Director of Polar in Brazil says.

Polar and Livewell will allow access to educational and inspirational content

By adhering to their wellness goals and participating in wellness activities, LiveWell customers earn points to celebrate their progress and redeem rewards – which now includes the purchase of discounted Polar products. When setting a health goal, users will also have the opportunity to download their training data directly into the insurance company’s app, through platform compatibility with the Polar Flow training app. In addition, users who join the Polar universe will receive personal training, physical activity and sleep guidance, as well as access to inspirational and educational content to support a more active and healthy life.

“Living a healthy life should be easy, but in everyday life, that is not always the case,” said Stephanie Lloyd, CEO of LiveWell by Zurich. “Partnering with Polar allows us to offer our customers the best of both worlds. By combining Polar products with the LiveWell app, we aim to make it as easy as possible for our customers to follow their individual health journey.”

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Health tips and tricks

In return, Polar customers will also have full access to the LiveWell app and will receive tips and advice for a healthier life, as another tool to improve their overall well-being.

In addition to functionality and access to companies’ applications, other activities such as individual and group challenges will also be activated in the partnership, adding a fun element to the healthy journey, as well as stimulating participation and competition among users.

To take advantage of this partnership, the interested party must download the LiveWell by Zurich app, use the activation code UNCB-UP83-78QY and connect their Polar sports watch.

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