“Pokémon GO” takes over a mother's life

“Pokémon GO” takes over a mother's life

games It can be a lot of fun, but when it gets addicting it's a challenge, especially when your mom is obsessed with catching Pokemon.

A problem player seeks help from the community in dealing with his mother's addiction to the game “Pokémon GO”. The Reddit user stated that his involvement in the game exceeded all limits, when his mother became such a dedicated coach that the game began to interfere in his daily life. Coaches come together to help!

The saga of the coach mother

For some, “Pokemon Go“It is a fun hobby; for others, it is a passion that goes far beyond, and can often cross boundaries.

For the mother of a Reddit user with the profile “MotorAdequado5093”, the game has become a real obsession.

Testimony from Ibn Qalq – Image: Reddit/Reproduction

“My mother is addicted to Pokémon GO,” the user says. “She wakes up at 4 a.m. to catch Pokemon in the dark and cold for an hour before work. When we travel, she's so immersed in the game that it feels like we're not together. At home, if you need to talk to her, she says she's 'working',” says the netizen: “He doesn't do anything else in his free time.”

An appeal to the community

The user's desperate anger mobilized the community. Many suggest having an honest family conversation to address the mother's delicate situation and clarify the negative impact of addiction on family bonds.

Other creative suggestions have emerged: from automated systems for catching Pokemon to strategies for balancing gaming time with family life. Addiction to video games It's a serious problem, and the concern is real.

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The case illustrates how gaming can become an intense part of someone's life and the need to find a healthy balance between the joy of gaming and life's responsibilities.

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