Pocah was proposed to marry while living with Anna Maria

Pocah was proposed to marry while living with Anna Maria

Accepted! Pocah, Yesterday’s exit from “BBB 21” rose by 73.16%. From the votes proposed by Ronan live during “Mais Você”, by surprise.

Joyfully, the singer kissed and announced herself to her husband.

Of course you are the love of my life! I can’t believe you are doing this. I love you so much! Oh my God, I’m Maria, I’m getting married!

He touched the presented scene who already knew everything.

“Love always moves me a lot,” said, who was called to be the bridesmaid.

BBB 21: Anna Maria Braga cries as Ronan proposes to Boca

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Before kneeling, Ronan spared no praise to the former singer and BBB.

I want to thank you for everything you have done for us. It was The bravest moment That I saw. All this distance showed the power of our love. I want to show how much I love you on the national network. marry me?

She has already praised Ronan

Pocah - Playback / TV Globo - Play / TV Globo

BBB 21: Pocah suggested to Anna Maria Braga

Picture: Play / TV Globo

Pocah praised Rafiq not joining the task force that eliminated Colleague Arthur Act “BBB 21 “.

Pocah’s strategy. I heard that morning. I do not know. I think they did it to protect me. I was sad, but it’s gone. I was there without Arthur. I was very sad. Just give a few kisses [em Ronan, marido de Pocah]And the I want Do more things, but only later. But I didn’t have much to do [no paredão]I was glad he wasn’t a supporter. I apologize to Arthur’s fans. Unfortunately.

It was supposed to be a generation, not a Vioc

Pocah - Play / Globoplay - Play / Globoplay

BBB 21: Pocah and Gill talk about Arthur’s ouster on the balcony

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Earlier, she said so He regrets dragging Jill to the wall and saving Phuoc On the last wall.

The singer was excited and cried when she saw VT form the wall that wiped her out.

At this end, I should have saved a generation. The sadness of my heart. Hope people will see how difficult it is to make the decision. When I couldn’t get back, I could have done it differently. I regret it and am not ashamed to regret it. I will not be ashamed of who I am now. I think I will have a better chance to stay inside and not suffer from what I experienced. I really love them from the bottom of my heart.

According to the sister, she thought she was strategizing, but didn’t follow her heart.

Sorry I could have done differently on the wall. I didn’t know what I was doing, it wasn’t easy. In the final extension, the pressure is very strong. I did it there and I want to be a player, but if I had just passed my heart it would have been different.


Pocah E Gel - Clone / Globoplay - Clone / Globoplay

BBB 21: Pocah and Jill Fight

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But Pocah smiled again after seeing his fight with Jill. Brother named it “Pascolo”.

I learned the meaning yesterday. I don’t think he remembered what he said. Leave Gilles de Viguer with me. We have already forgiven ourselves. Today we laugh, but this is nonsense that I am ashamed of. Even the catalyst, after that I was never the same as being able to cope with being there in another way. It wasn’t great because before I got there I was in a peaceful state, I thought I wouldn’t go there on that level

Juliet’s Girlfriend

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BBB 21: Pocah and Juliet embrace Elimination Night

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In justifying my vote, I said it was not my choice. She understood everything because she was upset, and the only problem was that, there, I went through what Joe had been through. I could have respected the moment she breathed. When she voted for me, a week ago, We are very close. There she met Joe, the wonderful, the amazing, the fun-loving. I was threatened to go to the wall and Arthur too, and they asked me to vote for Joe to protect me. The next week she voted for me and got it. I admit, I apologized to her because the fight is absolutely unnecessary. We remain friends

She wore a Juliet shirt!

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BBB 21: Pocah tells Juliet that she voted for her

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Pocah remembers wearing her friend’s dress on Wall Day and explained herself.

Do you think that if I intend to vote for her, I will dress her? So I sat in the pantry and said it was a 4 vote option. One of them was immune. You can only vote for it. It was not my choice. Unfortunately, I had to vote for it. It happened, friends followed us, when she leaves I will still bring clothes with her.

Outside the game of Joao

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BBB 21: João says Pocah is “not winning” in the discord game

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Even inside, I said I’d walk away from Joao and at the party I was there: Ah! Joao is an amazing guy, I’m having a lot of fun with him, and I want to see him here. What happened inside remained inside

Does the plant do that?

Pocah - Play / Globoplay - Play / Globoplay

BBB 21: Pocah sleeps apart from the other brothers

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Pocah manipulated his sleep memes and called it “strategic”.

I guess it’s more about the life of the mom and actress who works out at night. Sleep was a haven. I have a lot of insomnia. I kept watching people sleep, I was rolling from side to side, the sun was rising and people were waking up. And many people slept there. She gave me sleep. He saw Phuk sleeping and was sleeping more. It was a very powerful mental fatigue. It really grew and came to an end. It was a strategy

Cardi B feat Pocah

I was in shock [com reação da Cardi sobre ela dançando ‘WAP’]. I love Cardi. I kept begging to play this song. He even invites me to do a feat, a sincere friendship. I love you!

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BBB: Police Cases

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