P!nk reveals the song he considers the worst of his career: “I wish I never did it”

P!nk reveals the song he considers the worst of his career: “I wish I never did it”

For us fans, it’s very difficult to choose a P!nk song that we don’t like. But it seems that the singer has some songs that she regrets recording. At least that’s what she admitted during a recent interview with the Los Angeles Times.

While chatting with the portal, the 44-year-old star admitted that she was not satisfied with the results of all her songs. When asked about her worst single, P!nk eventually said that she mentioned two tracks: “True Love” from 2012, and an indie song she made for the SpongeBob SquarePants cartoon called “We’ve Got Scurvy”.

“worst?”She said. “There was a lot. Maybe ‘true love’.”He mentioned the partnership with Lily Allen. The Grammy winner explained that she chose this song “because it’s mean” and talks about her husband, Carey Hart: “Carey may be difficult, but I owe him a love song.”.

In addition to the song about heartbreak, P!nk also expressed his regret for his involvement in children’s cartoons. “Oh, wait, I released the SpongeBob movie, ‘We have scurvy.’ I wish I had never done that. That was a real mistake.”” he said jokingly, referring to the comedic song from the 2009 “SpongeBob’s Greatest Hits” album, which celebrated the series’ 10th anniversary. We even forgive that one, P!nk! hahahaha

As for the singles that the singer considers her best, she stressed that the songs “So What” and “Get the Party Started” come to my mind. “So What was fun from start to finish – writing, singing, performing and video.”I remembered. “It was the moment Carrie and I got back together.”he added.

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“So What” was among the tracks on their 2008 album “Funhouse” and was released six months after their breakup. The couple – who have daughter Willow, 12, and son Jameson, 6 – got back together in 2009 and are still together today. Do you agree with the choices?

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