PLR Bradesco 2023: Use the simulator and see how much you get

PLR Bradesco 2023: Use the simulator and see how much you get

The advance payment of PLR Bradesco 2023 will be paid to the bank’s employees on September 22. To find out how much PLR you will get, the São Paulo Banking Workers Union, with advice from Dieese, has already made a PLR 2023 simulator available.

On September 12, the Inflation (INPC) for August was released, which showed a variation of 0.20%. As a result, the cumulative 12-month result, between September 2022 and August 2023, was 4.06%. Therefore, the adjustment for the banking category in 2023 will be 4.58% (internal income plus 0.5% real increase).

What will the 2023 banking PLR look like?

The profit and loss ratio for the bank’s employees is determined by the bank’s annual profit, and payment is made in two installments, the first being deposited until September 30 (in advance), and the second until March 1 of the following year, when Bradesco’s profits are already consolidated. .

To know all about Bank PLR 2023, access this page which contains all the necessary information to understand how to make the calculation.

Bradesco’s PLR calculation is determined by the CCT (Collective Labor Agreement). The CCT PLR 2022/2023 sets out the details of the Bank’s PLR payment for 2023. The amount to be paid in advance already includes the 4.58% adjustments to salaries, both in the fixed amount and in the additional installment, achieved in the Bank’s National Consolidated Staff Campaign 2022 (Salary Campaign).

PLR Bradesco 2023 is an achievement for the Federation

The collective labor system for bank workers is an important achievement for this category – along with the trade union movement – which was the first to guarantee this right in the National Collective Labor Agreement, in 1995.

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Since then, the profit and loss report has undergone many modifications and improvements, resulting in increasingly larger amounts being paid to bank employees. Nothing is fairer, because bank employees are the ones who build the profits of financial institutions through their workforce. Through the profit and loss report, a portion of this profit is allocated to workers, who can thus increase their annual wages.

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