PIS/Pasep 2024: When It Falls, How to Check and Withdraw Salary Bonus!

PIS/Pasep 2024: When It Falls, How to Check and Withdraw Salary Bonus!

PIS (Social Integration Program) and Pasep (Public Employee Asset Creation Program) are benefits granted to Brazilian workers who meet certain requirements. This includes enrolling in the program for at least five years, earning up to two minimum wages of the average monthly wage, working for pay for at least 30 days during the base year, and correctly reporting the data to the employer on the annual employment roster. , Social Information (RAIS) or on eSocial.

How to check and withdraw the benefit?

To check the availability of the bonus, as of February 5, the worker must access the digital work card or the Gov.br portal. It is important to note that the deadline for withdrawing the subsidy is December 27, 2024.

When will the PES/PASIB 2024 installments drop?

Program payments will be made beginning February 15, 2024, extending through August, always after each worker's birthday. It is estimated that 24.5 million workers will benefit, resulting in a total payment of R$23.9 billion to citizens.

How to get a salary bonus?

As for withdrawing the benefit, there are some differences. For workers in the private sector, PIS will be paid by the Caixa Econômica Federal. If the worker has a bank account, the amount will be deposited directly. Otherwise, Caixa offers a digital social savings account, which can be used via the Caixa Tem app.

For public employees, payment of Pasep is the responsibility of Banco do Brasil. The amount must be paid by depositing into a bank account, by pixel, or withdrawing from a branch.

It is very important for employees to pay attention to the dates specified for withdrawing the benefit, as failure to adhere to the deadline may lead to loss of the benefit. Therefore, regulation and continuous consultation with available platforms to check the availability of PIS Pasep is essential to guarantee this right.

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