Photos capture the moment a shooting star lights up the sky in SC

Photos capture the moment a shooting star lights up the sky in SC

A celestial body that lasted about 4 seconds and ended with a small explosion (Image: Pramom, Disclosure)

A meteorite was seen in the sky of Santa Catarina last Monday (1) and was captured by a surveillance camera in Monte Castello in the north of the state. The celestial body, known as a shooting star, lasted about 4 seconds and ended with a small explosion. The information is from g1 sk.

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According to amateur astronomer Josemar Justino, the explosion indicates a sudden increase in brightness observed at the end of its path. The image was captured by cameras from the Brazilian Meteor Observing Network (BRAMON), an open and cooperative organization formed by volunteers, including Justino.

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According to the astronomer, estimates indicate that the phenomenon occurred in Joinville. Given the high altitude at which meteors typically occur, the meteor will also likely be visible in neighboring countries.

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According to Justino, a meteorite is a luminous phenomenon that results from the entry of any solid body into the Earth’s atmosphere. They are usually caused by meteorites, which are rocks up to one meter high.

– If it exceeds a meter, it is called asteroids. He concludes that meteorites are rocks that eventually escape the heat generated by entering the atmosphere, and end up reaching Earth.

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