Pele regrets the death of Prince Philip

Pele regrets the death of Prince Philip

Pele, three-time world champion for Brazil, lamented Prince Philip dies on Friday. The husband of Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom, the 99-year-old member of the royal family, will complete a century in June. The football king posted a message on social media, in which he regrets what happened.

Pele lamented the death of a member of the British Royalty (Image: Reproduction / Twitter)

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– Today is a sad day for our friends from UK, so I would like to convey my condolences and cordiality – send the former player.

Prince Philip had a notable presence at sporting events throughout his life. In 1968, he was with 100,000 people in the Maracana for the showdown between Rio and São Paulo, which Pele defended. In the post, the Brazilian recalled the match in which he scored his 900th goal in his career, and the moment he met the royal player. Member and Queen Elizabeth.

Football was born in England, but once upon a time, in Maracana which was crowded with 100,000 people, we had the honor to show the beauty of Brazilian football to the British monarchy. I keep this day fondly in my memory when I met Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth II, in 1968. A few years later, the Duke of Edinburgh also visited Pakymbo and saw me play against Palmeiras – as Pele remembers.

Buckingham Palace did not mention the exact cause of death. In February, he was hospitalized as a precaution, but he underwent heart surgery.

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