Pedro Biel denies judging favorite author and crosses podium

Pedro Biel denies judging favorite author and crosses podium

Pedro Biel confirmed on social networks that he had terminated his contract with the Curseria platform, for which he has registered materials used in online courses since 2019.

The breach of the agreement came after a social media post published by the platform announcing a writing course with the journalist. The report shared by the company noted that Biel considers himself his “favourite author”.

Biel said in the call to the column by Patricia Cogot, of O Globo newspaper.

Curseria also shared a note on social media that the post was not written and approved by Pedro Bial prior to publication.

“The piece, which we created and published, does not represent the way Pedro Biel sees his writing or that of other authors and has already been suspended and excluded from the campaign,” the platform statement read.

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Pedro Biel opened “Fantástico” last Sunday (7) with a Facts on Marilia Mendonca, the country singer who died Friday (5) at the age of 26 in a plane crash.

Today, we look at the sky and shout, ‘What’s going on in this wheel? “; and we moan, stunned, without the floor of your voice. Marilla, why are you in such a hurry?” Excerpts from the text.

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