Paulo Gustavo’s husband rarely appears with his children in his palace

Paulo Gustavo's husband rarely appears with his children in his palace

Paulo Gustavo’s children were happy when they appeared to play with their father, Talise Britas

Husband Paulo GustavoMD, dermatologist Thales Britas, was delighted when he turned up so infrequently with the couple’s two children, Romeo and little Gael, ages 1 and 11 months. He appeared playing with his children in the gardens of the family palace.

Tales Britas appeared with little Romeo and Gael playing at the bounce house in the gardens of their mansion in Rio de Janeiro. since you left Paulo GustavoThales was more conservative about his children.

And netizens were only praising the very rare photo of the little ones. “So we can’t stand it haha. Much love. I love them,” one netizen commented. Another user said: “They are so cute.” One netizen also mentioned: “A lot of loving people! Paolo will always be present at the kids.”

Another netizen also said: “Guys, they are beautiful! Lots of love!”. One netizen also said: “How beautiful! I am sure that Thales does and will do everything possible to make his children happy. ” One netizen commented: “God bless you so much! May he give you the wisdom to educate them with lots of love, affection and respect! Paul is there! I love you!”

Husband Paulo Gustavo He also made a splash recently when he showed a picture of himself paddleboarding in the sea. “Water is a very powerful element in nature. It can be calm and steady and warm and warm…it welcomes you like a womb. But it can also surprise you with a current that doesn’t leave you standing to breathe, doesn’t let you stop thinking. It can be cold and give you a reality check. It can be life or it ends. Be a little salty or dirty or quench your thirst like any other drink. It can fall from the sky, come out of the ground, run on the ground or hover in the air. It’s a transformation, an endless number of possibilities. No wonder I am a fish and feel merging with it. Connected. It washes my soul. Thales said.

Launch Instagram Talise Britas with their two children by Paulo Gustavo

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