Paulo Guedes accuses Belgium and France of delaying Brazil’s accession to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development

The Minister of Economy argues that countries are seeking to protect their own agriculture and asserts that the Brazilian GDP will have higher than expected growth

EDU ANDRADE / Ascom / ME – 05/12/2022Economy Minister Paulo Guedes claimed that inflation in the country will decrease in the coming months

Minister of Economy , Paulo Geddesparticipated in a lecture at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, on Wednesday, 25, and accused France and Belgium of delaying Brazil’s accession to the Organization for economic cooperation and development (OECD) as a result of protectionism in the agricultural sector in these countries. “The Belgium France is delaying Brazil’s access to the OECD because they protect agriculture. And in their conversation we told them: Accept us before they are no longer related to us,” he said.

A member of Bolsonaro’s cabinet took the opportunity to say that France It has become irrelevant to the Brazilian economy in recent years. For example, the minister explained that at the beginning of the century, France and China 2 billion USD traded with Brazil. At the moment, agreements with China amount to 120 billion dollars, while with the French they have risen to 7 billion dollars. I told the Europeans that they lost Russia and now they are going to lose Latin America. And they will be alone with themselves if they do not understand that they need to integrate with those who are left behind,” he said.

Guedes also commented on the possibility of Brazil Economically growing more than expected. According to the economist, Brazil’s GDP will rise by 2% – a figure higher than what was planned by the economic team, which predicted 1.5% growth in 2022. The minister also noted that Brazil has greater growth potential than that which has been developed. She emphasized that inflation will decrease in the coming months. He said, “While the economy was growing, instead of growing at 7%, 8%, we went ahead of the curve, so we will get rid of inflation before the advanced economies, and we will grow more than the advanced economies.” Minister of Economy.

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